What People are Saying About GoodWheel

  • I’m a tall guy [a shade under 6’5″] and was really struggling to get the most out of my equipment. Cycling is one of my greatest passion’s and it’s a frustrating feeling when you don’t see improvement relative to the work your putting in out on the bike. I found Carrie and it was a breathe of fresh air! She has tons of practical experience and was able to tailor my fit on a number of bikes for a variety of disciplines. Specifically, Carrie has fit me for CX, gravel, and road/crit setups. They’ve all worked out beautifully. I never have any unnatural pain and all the setups fit like a glove. My bike truly feels like an extension of my body. I feel like that is the highest complement I can give a bike fitter!

    Steve -

  • My very first encounter with Carrie Cash was, of course, on a bike, on a group ride. Immediately she began gifting me with her knowledge, her encouragement, her patience, her guidance. Coaching comes naturally to Carrie, doing so in a way that is easy to understand and relatable. The true gift is she is just as motivated and spirited for you to improve as you are for yourself. She is the best in the biz.

    Alli B -

  • Carrie is a top notch bike fitter, and I wont take my bike to anyone else!! She has demonstrated a deep knowledge of cycling, bikes and their components, and the best way to fit a cyclist to their equipment!! I have trusted Carrie not only with my own bike fit, but with the fits of my clients and athletes for their riding and racing needs!!

    Sara C -