Who is GoodWheel Cycling and Carrie Cash?

• St. Louis native with 20+ years of cycling experience competing on trail and road at the national/professional level.

• Former professional rider for Team Vera Bradley and Pepper Palace pro women’s cycling teams.

• Founder of and mentor to the St. Louis all women’s cycling club, Team Revolution.

• 20+ years working as a Bike Mechanic

Carrie offers a healthy dose of ambition and perseverance while patiently helping you put all the bike riding pieces together. Since she’s familiar with mentoring beginners as well as competing on the professional scene, Carrie knows how to meet cyclists at their level. All you need to bring is a dedicated mindset and willingness to learn.

Are you looking for someone in St. Louis that will help you achieve your dreams and goals by working on both your strengths and limitations? Are you in need of someone to help you reach the top and that is willing to go the distance to help get you there? Carrie’s personal experience allows her to give you a tactical and strategic edge in race training while cheering you on to becoming your personal and competitive best.

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