Bike Cleaning Services

A clean bike is happy bike. Does the bike shop cringe when you roll in your dirty bike? A well-tuned bike depends on clean parts to operate properly. You’ve invested in a great bike, let me help you maintain and protect it. [$30/bike]


Bike Fit Services

A good bike fit can establish the relationship one has with their bike. The body is constantly changing with the challenges we put upon it, so one’s bike must be adjusted to operate like an extension of our body. So, one size does NOT fit all, from recreational rider to racer, everyone deserves a great fit. [starting at $80/fit][see testimonials]


Bicycle Consultation

Looking to take the plunge in to cycling, but don’t know where to start with the purchase process? Learn the basics of different bikes, materials, components, and genre choices to better empower your purchase. [$20/hr]

Beginner Cycling Plans

Let me be your mentor. These sessions will help guide your efforts to garner more confidence and performance on the road ahead. [$150-200/month; contact GoodWheel for tailored pricing]

Cycling Instruction/Training

Gain confidence to improve skills on a new or existing road, mtb, cx, or commuter bike. These sessions help empower not only beginners but seasoned individuals, by learning to tap into the full potential and enjoyment of cycling, this can open a whole new world for just about anyone. [$65/session or 3hr/$175]

Clinics and Classes


A variety of clinics are available to suit the individual or group’s needs to improve on the bike performance. A few examples of clinics are…

• technique development
• indoor riding/training
• proper bike fit
• mountain biking skills
• cyclocross skills
• racing instructional

*camps available upon request
*contact GoodWheel for camp/clinic costs

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